Imagine your home or place of business adorned with the breathtakingly beautiful landscape you've always dreamed of. AYNES ENTERPRISES has the expertise and experience to complete your landscaping needs from the breaking ground point to the finished result - a beautiful, artistically designed landscape for you to enjoy for decades to come.


Tired of dragging those water hoses? A properly designed automatic sprinkler system can actually conserve water and reduce your water bill. A quality sprinkler system puts the water only where you need it, with minimal water waste, and can do it all automatically! Let us give you a free quote to design and install a sprinkler system at your home or place of business.

Lawn Care

Imagine a beautifully manicured yard, fertile, green and free of weeds. Imagine your flower beds maintained and your shrubs and trees pruned and healthy. Now imagine all this without you having to lift a finger! AYNES ENTERPRISES has the expertise to care for your yard, and create the outdoor environment you've always dreamed of.

Fireplace & Chimney

Enjoying the beauty and ambience of a warm and cozy fireplace on those cold winter days, is an Oklahoma tradition. AYNES ENTERPRISES can ensure your fireplace or stove is operating efficiently and safely. Our certified technicians perform a twenty-one point inspection to allow you to use your burning system worry-free.